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RC Training & Consulting Services LLC

We provide on-site support for computer problems, to all organizations and home users.

In addition, we provide training and consulting services to our clients without the high costs associated with computer technology and insensitive vendors seen today.

Our clients range from small offices to large businesses, municipalities and school districts with changing technology requirements.

We have worked with all major computer vendors over the last twenty five years keeping cost down and problems to a minimum. 

We pride ourselves on the integrity of service that we provide our clients.

We are not a re-seller, so therefore we are only interested in the best buy and support by the manufacturer when providing procurement services. This avoids the high mark up that many of our competitors charge.

If you tire of the long waits on the phone and unskilled foreign support operations that you must deal with, call us.

Our complete Windows support on both desktop and system file server technologies ensures that you are back up and running quickly!

We offer a number of different price schedules and programs, to provide just the right support services from small to large organizations. We can handle problems remotely or on-site to provide technical support, training and consulting.

We act in your best interest and keep costs reasonable during a time when good help is hard to find.

We look forward to arranging a plan to suit your organization's computer and technology needs.

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