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The News Page is dedicated to our clients. Our desire is to share important information related to our services. It is also another way our team provides timely advice on today's computer and Internet related  issues. This resource should be reviewed frequently as issues change and we will utilize this format to pass along advisories such as virus warnings and links to information which we feel important to you our customer.

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What do I do when a Virus has been identified on my computer ?  

This more than any other issue has become the most important activity of any technician. Viruses are designed to first disable any virus protection and then to disrupt the operating system and/or corrupt information stored. Viruses continually appear to re-invent themselves (especially the worm virus) in order to be more successful in their destruction.

When a dialog box or message is displayed by the anti-virus system indicating that a virus was found, it will explain what attempt it made to reduce the threat. The virus protection will indicate that it deleted, quarantined or left alone. This information is important to capture before clicking OK.

When a virus has been discovered notify using the e-mail address

In the e-mail indicate the following;

1) Date and Time of virus detected

2) The Name of the virus   i.e.  W32Hybris

3) Was the virus protection system successful in Deleting, Quarantine or was it Left Alone

4) Please be sure to indicate your name and telephone so that we may research and likely come by to scan your computer to ensure the virus has been removed.

What can we do to avoid virus infection ?

Never open attachments from someone you were not expecting e-mail from

Minimize using e-mail at work for personal correspondence because many home computer users are remiss in keeping virus protection software up-to-date

Never open e-mail attachments that end in file types:   .BAS   .VB   .EXE  .PHP

If an e-mail comes in that is suspect Do Not Open it. Instead delete it from your Inbox and then from the Deleted folder.

* Please be sure to contact us as some virus may be considered to be hoaxes These are meant to cause disruption to organizations and staff resources. We can first identify the virus and give advise as to the impact and future avoidance.